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In a world where everyone with a smartphone in their pocket is a publisher with access to an audience, engagement is more crucial than mass. Our community media, business and industry publications across Canada are long-standing, trusted local brands which produce unique, compelling and relevant local content to engaged readers. That's a truly engaged audience you can reach in print, online and through an impressive array of special publications that can be customized to your ideal customer base.

Reach your niche

Reaching niche audiences is critical – but starting from zero with a new product can be a daunting uphill climb. We use our well-established brands and customer relationships and experienced, award-winning journalists and creative staff to create new niche products nimbly and efficiently to help you reach your target market faster.

In the greater Vancouver market, that has led to the creation of new, exciting products like the Growler and the Alchemist to reach the burgeoning craft beer and craft spirits markets. Across Canada, the Anglers Atlas fishing magazines have brought timely and unique information to the passionate angling community, with a wide variety of regional publications with detailed local maps and fishing information.

Connecting advertisers to readers

Branded content and native advertising are ubiquitous online, which means connecting that content to trusted brands is more important than ever. Our sponsored content solutions make that connection for advertisers, from multimedia solutions for national advertisers to our new StandOut feature, which puts the power of sponsored content and integrated marketing of that content in the hands of the smallest business.

We also offer specialty publication solutions with high-quality custom content, paired with marketing and amplification of that content, through our Profiles of Excellence publications, offered both geographically and by sectors including education, health care and mining.

Events made easier

Creating events aligning your company, product or service with your customers' interests is a lucrative source of new revenue – but events can easily become logistical nightmares.

Partnering with Glacier Media's expertise in creating award-winning events gives you the benefits without the headache. Take the example of Northern Fancon, a sci-fi/fantasy fan convention and entertainment expo created by the Prince George Citizen. Title sponsorship by the Northland Auto Group gave this major car dealer group tremendous visibility in front of thousands of attendees and many, many more in newspaper, special publications, online and social media, with the Citizen handling the logistics.

News to your Ears

Podcasting is the most rapidly-expanding audience field in North America, with an anticipated monthly audience of 57 million monthly listeners this year – more than double what it was just a few years before.

Glacier's Press Play Podcast Network leverages the expertise of our journalists from Community Media, Business in Vancouver and other divisions to create informative and compelling podcasts to reach a wide variety of audiences in this fast-growing sector. The lineup includes the BIV Podcast, the Northern Miner Podcast, Pass it To Bulis (Vancouver Canucks podcast), This Is Lotusland, The Practical Geek and many more designed to deepen engagement with existing readers and seek out new audiences.

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